The Marian Cinematic Universe is a envisioning of the Mysteries of the Rosary if it were the topic of a cinematic film universe.

The inspiration mainly came from those hype graphics film producers release when they announce a new phase of their movies. It would contain all the new titles of the films or shows, all very different from one another. People would really talk about the design, look for clues about the plot in the graphics, and all the content and commotion is just hard to miss.
You'd think I'm a Marvel fan, but I'm actually not. More of a DC boy actually. It's just interesting how these producers would create these individual films, and later reveal how they intricately connect into each other later on.
So I wanted to step into those shoes, and see what it feels like to weave a cinematic universe together. After all, we already have the best material to work with. The Mysteries of the Rosary basically are individual events that tell the ultimate love story ever told, the story of our salvation. 
The first and hardest part was figuring out the titles. It was easy to just use the title of the Mystery, and I did that for some. But for the rest, I wanted to use some movie-naming tropes to really sell the idea.
The KING Series: There are 4 titles with similar art direction and typography, and these pertain to some of the mysteries about Christ. Specifically, His Birth, Eucharist, Passion, and Resurrection. I know a lot of these are about Him, but I just selected 1 from each Mystery set to make into a series. 

Adjective Titles: Beloved, and Crowned. This was a play on how Disney names their films based on adjectives like Tangled and Frozen.
Locations: Gethsemane, Tabor, Via Dolorosa. Another naming convention was to use a prominent location as the title of the film.
From Scripture: Repent/Believe, Behold the Man, and Six Jars Full. These were lines from scripture that had much significance. 
From Art Pieces: Among Doctors. I also wanted to use titled of some art pieces like the Dürer painting: Christ Among the Doctors.

Art Direction
The goal was to achieve a realistic take for a cinematic universe. So I didn't want to just grab the Black Panther or Captain America fonts and slap on the same colors and treatment. I wanted to make something original, but still has that familiar look.
I ended up modifying typefaces on Illustrator. To give each title a personality and feel to it.
After preparing the vector graphics, I layered it down on Photoshop for coloring and texturing. I mixed and matched a couple of textures to get that gritty feel. I particularly like it when on film posters, you can zoom in and see how crisp the textures are on the logo. It's just one of those things I enjoy.
I'm still working on this project. The next phase for me is to create posters out of the titles. I've already posted some, as animated posters and 3D photos on Facebook.

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